"Life without pain in my knees was something I never thought would happen, but now I'm starting to see that with Dr. Brown's help, that can be a possibility." - patient Courtney Johnson.
Thanks to a diagnosis and surgery from Dr. Christopher Brown, Courtney Johnson was able to move without pain again after years of not knowing the cause. After concluding her condition was a result of cartilage delamination syndrome, a disorder that normally causes the breakdown of cartilage in older patients, Dr. Brown recommended the MACI procedure, which uses the patient's own cartilage cells to repair the damage.
In August 2017, Dr. Christopher Brown became the first surgeon in Upstate New York to implement this new knee cartilage treatment. The procedure, conducted at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, allows the patient to be part of their own pain solution by using their own healthy cells to help repair damaged ones.
For the first time in her life, Courtney was able to envision a pain free future thanks to Dr. Brown, stating, " Before I met Dr. Brown, I didn't have much hope that I would be able to do anything active without pain in my knees. Once I met him and got a diagnosis, he gave me reassurance that I'd be able to have a normal life."