Rochester Regional Health is the first healthcare system in the greater Rochester region, including the Finger Lakes, to offer robotically assisted total knee replacement. The health system continues to be a leader in robotic surgery, investing new technology in orthopedics and joint replacement with the addition of four ROSA Knee Systems from Zimmer Biomet. One each has been distributed to four of the system’s hospitals. The assistance of ROSA, which stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant, provides a greater degree of accuracy for the orthopedic surgeon and a quicker return to daily activities for the patient.

“We’re committed to making sure all of our patients, from the Finger Lakes to Batavia, have local access to this level of technology,” explained Michael Mudd, Chief Operating Officer of Rochester Regional Health Orthopedics. “By bringing emerging technology like the ROSA Knee System to multiple hospitals, we help our patients enjoy the best possible outcomes and allow them to get the care they need, close to home.”

Newark-Wayne Doctor to perform robotic total knee replacement - The Times  of Wayne County -

Total knee replacement is one of the most commonly performed elective surgical procedures in the United States with approximately 700,000 conducted in a year. It is also the most common surgery performed within the health system with more than 2,000 knee replacements conducted each year. Almost all patients who are candidates for total knee replacement qualify for the procedure using robotic assistance. 

Prior to surgery, the ROSA Knee System’s 3D model virtually tracks how the patient’s knee moves in real time. If a patient’s knee moves even a fraction of an inch, the robot will know and adjust accordingly. This data provided enables surgeons to use computer and software technology to move surgical instruments executing the procedure with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

“The robot supports the surgeon and helps them maximize their skills and knowledge during surgery,” explained Orthopedic Surgeon Dan Alexander, MD of Rochester Regional Health’s Finger Lakes Bone & Joint. 

“The ROSA uses detailed readings of the patient’s individual anatomy to help the surgeon check their work in real time. The surgeon is still leading and performing the procedure, but now with an unprecedented level of precision, confidence, and accuracy.”

 In August, Dr. Alexander will start offering procedures assisted by the ROSA Knee System at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital.

 This minimally invasive procedure offers the following benefits:

  • Less pain
  • Quicker return to daily activities
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Increased longevity of the implant
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced injury

 Rochester Regional Health’s surgery program ranks in the top one percent in the northeast year after year for robotic assisted procedures. The acquisition of the ROSA Knee System is an extension of the health system’s continued investment in robotics and technology. The system has been at the forefront of robotically assisted surgery for more than 15 years with more than 10,000 robotic surgeries to date.

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