Robotic Stereotactic Assistance Surgeries

Rochester Regional Health is the first healthcare system in the greater Rochester region, including the Finger Lakes, to offer robotically assisted total knee replacement. The health system continues to be a leader in robotic surgery, investing new technology in orthopedics and joint replacement with the addition of four ROSA Knee Systems from Zimmer Biomet. One each has been distributed to four of the system’s hospitals. The assistance of ROSA, which stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant, provides a greater degree of accuracy for the orthopedic surgeon and a quicker return to daily activities for the patient.

Sports Injuries

Being sidelined with an injury is the largest threat to athletes today. The goal of Finger Lakes Bone and Joint Center is to help athletes to get back into the action is safely and soon is possible. We work with athletes on healing and recovering from an injury adequately. Understanding then inadequate healing and recovery time can put an athlete at risk for re-injury keeping them out of the game for an extended period of time.

Fracture Care

Fractures happened when more forces applied to the bone than the bone can absorb. Bones are weakest when they are twisted. Breaks and bones can take place from falls, drama, or as a result of a direct blow or kick to the body. Symptoms include: pain, swelling, deformity, warmth or bruising in the injured area. Also includes difficulty in moving the injured area.

Joint Replacements

Joint reconstruction is a specialized treatment option in orthopedics today as joints become disabled due to arthritis, injury, or overuse/wear and tear, the need for joint reconstruction to enable continued use of the joint or return of joint function becomes a necessity for many patients who have not responded to other forms of treatment.

Work Injuries

Injuries at work account for a great number of knee, shoulder, and ankle problems and carpal tunnel cases each year. If you experience problems seeking the early diagnosis and skilled treatment recommendations of an orthopedic surgeon can make a difference between recovery of function or suffering a permanent impairment.

Neck and Back Pain

Getting a medical diagnosis for back pain or neck pain requires you to accurately report your symptoms to your medical doctor. Doctors use the medical history, a physical exam and sometimes imaging or lab tests to come up with a diagnosis for your back and neck.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Following a motor vehicle accident it is extremely important to follow up with an orthopedic doctor to check for severe or life threatening injuries. It can take several hours or even days for side effects to take effect; therefore, seeing an orthopedic doctor right away can benefit you before symptoms worsen.

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