Neck & Back Injury

Serving Rochester NY & The Finger Lakes Region

If you’ve recently sustained a neck or back injury, you realize the incredible toll these issues can take on your day-to-day routine. Whether you’re having trouble getting a full night’s rest or you can no longer exercise, it’s imperative that you receive the treatment necessary for a full recovery. There’s simply no reason you should have to live the rest of your life in pain!

In some severe instances, trauma to the neck and back can result in spinal cord injuries or permanent disability. As you can imagine, you should always seek out the assistance of the most qualified physicians when dealing with these temperamental structures. Luckily, with the help of Finger Lakes Bone & Joint Center, that’s precisely what you’ll receive. Our team of back and neck specialists can ensure that every patient is granted access to the most advanced treatments and surgical procedures on the market.

While most folks seek the help of a trained chiropractor when suffering from constant pain in their back, more dynamic orthopedic options are sometimes called for. When nonsurgical treatments simply aren’t doing the trick, it’s suggested that you speak with one of the friendly representatives at Finger Lakes Bone & Joint Center. Our qualified medical staff can promptly correct any anatomical lesions exhibited by those who fail to show improvement after more conservative treatments.
Thanks to our cutting-edge Open MRI options, we’ve eliminated the need for any “exploratory” surgical procedures. Using our advanced machinery, we’ll be able to determine the source of your discomfort in no time at all. You’re just not going to find diagnostic equipment of this caliber anywhere else throughout Upstate New York!

If you’ve been suffering from neck pain for weeks, months or years, it’s about time you put a foot down! With the assistance of the Finger Lakes Bone & Joint Center, it’s truly never been easier to stop the suffering. Be sure to schedule an initial consultation at the facility today, and allow our trained team to do what they do best; help you feel better!