Knee Replacement Surgery

Serving Rochester NY & The Finger Lakes Region


Dr. Alexander: Hi my name is Dr. Daniel Alexander; President of the Finger Lakes Bone & Joint Center, if you’re in need of knee replacement, there are some conservative measures that you can take first. We always treat everybody with physical therapy, anti-inflammatories with meals as needed, Tylenol or acetaminophen for pain, cortisone injections every three to six months. When all else fails you have two options: you either can continue to live with the pain – which is an option – or you can have total knee replacement. For us total knee replacement is the last choice, but for many it’s their only choice when all else fails. Ninety percent of people are happy with their new knees.

Femoral head, Tibial plate, Patellar plate, and Menisus replacement plateKnee Replacement Surgery