Hip Replacement Surgery

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Dr. Alexander: So this is what you need to know about a hip replacement. This is the normal hip anatomy: this is the pelvis and the cup or the acetabulum, this is the head of the femur, hence a ball and socket joint, this is the neck of the femur and the femoral shaft. This is a normal hip with no arthritis. This is a hip with osteoarthritis. You can see the bony spurs, the erosion of the cartilage, and this hip needs replacing. What we do when we replace a hip is we simply cut off the femoral neck and ball and take a stem, just like this one, and here’s a real one, and we pound it down the shaft of the femur like this, we place a ball on the neck like so, just like this, and then we take a cup and pound it into the acetabulum or socket and you have a new ball and socket joint.

Hip replacement
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